Sunday, September 23, 2012

My First 5k!

This past Saturday, I participated in my first 5k! I have been training for about 2 1/2 months and the day had finally come!

Now first let me just say, I was so nervous. Like did not sleep at all the night before, every time I thought about it, felt sick to my stomach nervous. I have no clue why.

My husband was a champ and got himself and the littlest up early to come cheer me on! I am so glad they were there, seeing them there on the side lines made me feel so proud! I love my little family!

I had the pleasure of running along side my good friend Robyn as well as her husband. He smoked us though! He was way ahead of us, with a hurt knee and all! But, having her there helped to make the whole process so much more fun!

My official time was 37:47 which isn't the best, but I finished it!

I am so glad that I set a goal for myself to do this. These things can be invigorating! I am glad it's over, but I am looking forward to another one, hopefully before the end of the year! :)

Robyn and me with my weird pose! ha! I know I am not bow legged!
Sadly, this is the only picture that we have of me right after I finished. As I ran by, my husband didn't realized that the lens was on the camera! So, no action shot but really I am A.OK. with that! ha!
Me and my boy right after! I loved seeing him there, he has been a motivation for me to just better myself and be healthier!
Westin made friends with the girl Chick-fil-A cow. He kept giving her high fives. He's no fool, he knew if he was cute enough he could get some free stuff! ;)
And another one of me and my little buddy. We were indulging for the first time with a celebratory stop for donuts! What? You don't end runs with donuts and kolaches? Around here, that is how we do it! ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Showing Love...

Having a child completely changes the course of life and what we know to be our normal. To be honest, I can barely remember what my old normal used to be, ha! Seriously, what did we ever do before we had a kid and a funny one at that, to entertain us?

With children, our thoughts are completely wrapped around them. I find myself entirely consumed with all of the motherly duties of his survival. Food. Clothes. Etc.

But the other day, I took this picture:
Sweet right? He is hugging his little stuffed doggie. So cute.

You see, when mommy plays with him? I am a girl so the making car noises only lasts so long and before I know it, I am grabbing some sort of stuffed animal and pretending to rock it or love it. I am a girl. This is how we play! Ha!

He is only displaying what he has seen me do.

Having Westin has made me have this hunger to just be a better person. Gah. He makes me want to better myself so bad. Maybe because I see the parts of me that I don't like. The parts where I am not perfect and am sometimes ashamed of.

 My husband and I both knew before we had kids that Jesus was going to be spoken of and lifted high. But, now? Even still, almost a year and a half later, we want even more, every part of our home and our lives to pour of His love. We want to set a tangible atmosphere and example for our boy and in our home. Especially now since he is turning into this little boy! (Whaa!)

These little blue eyes. They watch me. Every move I make.

His little ears they listen. To every word I say.  Whether or not he can say it, I know he understands more than I think he does.

His little feet, follow me. Sometimes mimicking the very move I make.

His little voice says the things I encourage him to say.

I want so bad for him to look back and see Jesus in his mommy. I want him to see me love others so he knows this is what we are supposed to do. That's why we are here. I want him to be the kid that goes to the shy or lonely one and reaches out a hand because his heart tells him to.

My heart so desires for him to be a boy and then a man who whole heartedly loves his Jesus madly. I pray each day for this. But, first I pray that I can be the kind of example he needs to encourage him till he finds himself at the feet of Jesus.  

It is my responsiblity as his mommy to show and display it for him. And God will do the rest.

Jesus help me show your love and how you love to my little boy and all the children I might be blessed with. Amen.




Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweet Words..

Here is a sweet video of Westin saying "mommy!" You will also see that he shakes his head no when I ask him to do something! ha! Little toot.

Sorry about my high pitched voice too. ;)

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Little Handsome Man...

The hubs and I have always had many nicknames for each other. One of his many that he calls me is hot chick (no, I'm not kidding) since we were dating he has been my handsome man.  So, naturally besides Westin being our little Westinator he is my little handsome man. Creative right?! Ha, yeah I try.
Without further is my little handsome man recently, being his little ham of a self! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

15 months and growing...

Our little baby man recently turned 15 months (almost 16now, oops!) and a lot has changed since his first birthday. For memories sake I wanted to write them down since I am pretty bad about a baby book. But, I WILL do it eventually! ;)

Westin now weighs 22lbs 15oz. He is 31 and a half inches. I am horrible because I never really documented when he started walking. He had been taking steps for a while, but had never really taken off. So, it was kind of gradual. I know it was around 14 months, so I am going with that ha! He is practically running now. He is quick. The cry of indepence has never been so loud. He never wants to be held now especially if we are outside. He wants to be down to explore immediately.

He says a lot of words. And I am seriously amazed at the things he understands just can't communicate. Just yesterday I FINALLY heard the words "Momm-mmy". It was the sweetest sound ever, since this kid is a daddy's boy through and through! He was so proud of himself after he said it and started clapping. Maybe it was becasue I got sooo excited too and may have clapped and jumped. ;)

He is a ham! I am thinking he might be my funny child! When we are in the car, he will lay things on his head, then start laughing out loud! So, we will turn around to look.

OUTSIDE! If you say the word, he runs to the door! Even just when we put his shoes on, he starts saying "bye bye!" The boy love to just be outside. He will walk from thing to thing and has the best time "exploring."

Believe it or not, this kid is ALL boy already. I find myself having to entertain him with more boy friendly things, because goodness knows this boy isn't a shopper and isn't too fond of stores! He lets me know about it and goldfish only last so long! ha!

Some sweet things I want to remember.

When he wakes up from his nap, I will kneel down and stick my head to the bars of his crib and he will remove his paci give me the biggest kiss, then stick his paci back in. Love it.

He will back up to sit in my lap when he is standing.

He runs and screams with a big smile when he gets excited.

He is fascinated at books and will sit in your lap and point jibber jabber the whole time.

When I do excercises in the living room, he will try so hard to jump! It's too cute!

When I ask him to do something, sometimes he will shake his head no.

He will look and point to me and say "Mommy."

 He is seriously the Joy in my heart everyday. A hard day and one look or thought about him and I am immediately reminded how blessed I am. So thankful for this boy. :)

Soon I will update pics!

Cousin Love...

A little random post today. My sister ALWAYS gets the best pictures with Westin. I could sit with him for hours asking him to smile for a picture. When she's around he will say "Cheese!!"
That boy.
I love him.
He has the best smile I have ever seen. :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sometimes life just happens...

God never promised that we would live life without twist and turns. No hard times. Everything being perfect every single day. All through out the Bible we are given a glimpse into the lives of many who had wonderful times and they thanked God for all of their blessings and provisions. And those very same people had times where they cried and begged to God for him to move and rescue them.

God rescues each of us, always. Sometimes in a way different from what our own minds think He should. But none the less, He always comes.

I know that God sees us through the hard times. I have already had to live it many times. Life happens. Unexpected things happen. Hard, heart breaking times happen. We have no clue why. That is probably the hardest thing to grasp. And grasp, we don't. We can't possibly know why God sees us through these difficult times. But, the thing that He does do is see us through them.

My husband's one and only brother, lies in a hospital bed fighting for life. Each breath he takes is given to him by a machine. Meanwhile, a family sits and waits. To see if life will continue? Or if God has other plans. It's a hard place to be.

Memories come rushing in and I am brought back almost 7 years ago. Visions of my dad in a hospital. I don't want to go back there. But, there I am. Times like this suck. Events in life like this just plain suck. There are really no words. Even having gone through this before. I can painfully empathize. But, I still feel so helpless.

Despite what his brother may or may not have done in his past that has led to this scene and time in life. He is a son of the Most High God. And His Father loves him. I see a boy when I look at him. A boy I sadly never have had the chance to really "know". A boy who grew into a very lost man and it is heartbreaking.

But, God can change us in a moment. A swift, quick moment. And all of the things we held on to for so long. Are no longer us. They are our past. God's word says He remembers them not. I am so thankful for this today.

Whatever may come of these trying times. The Father was not surprised. He knows and is aware of everything. We put our hope in God. Who is Sovereign and omnipotent. Who is loving and gracious.

Wherever life has you right now. Whether good or hard. Joyful or tear filled. Our God is greater. Our God always rescues us. He always saves us. Have faith, friends. Faith that God will pull you through, because He will. A new day will come. It is right there, with all of your heart, grab it! Have hope in the One who loves and adores you.


Thursday, July 19, 2012


Westin is now officially a walker. He has been taking steps for a while now, but now has finally preferred to toddle his little self from thing to thing! It is quite funny to watch!  I am a proud mama, even though we knew this time would come eventually and I had nothing to do with it! ;) Us moms derserve to be proud of every little or big milestone. We love our babies. :)

Here are some of the best shots I could get of him, he moves quick so most of them are of the back of his head or blurry, oh well!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Six years and counting...

There is a sappy love post coming at you, so feel free to move on without reading it, ha! ;)

As a young girl I prayed for a man to come into my life who had everything on my "list". You know the obvious..had a relationship with Jesus, sweet, kind, funny and spontaneous, cute and HANDSOME, good hair, but not better than mine, eyes that you could get lost in, a musician, someone who could sing and share my passion for music, someone who smelled good, who always looked clean and put together, and had clean finger nails...there is more but I will spare you. Silly? Maybe. Truly how I felt and wanted? Absolutely. Now, with age you realize that your "list" soon seems to shorten and not all of those things seem as crucial. My sister used to tease me and say that the Lord would have to ascend some guy from heaven because I was so picky! Ha!

The Lord cares about even our silly but picky things we look for in our future husbands. My husband is proof!

We just celebrated six years of being married! We met each other when I was 18, him 21. But the Lord knew that the time wasn't right for either of us. We both had some growing in Him to do. Time went on. Then on my 21st surprise birthday party when I found him standing there at my family's house, I knew this guy was different. He was everything I had prayed for. He loved the Lord and actually had a relationship with Him, not just say that he did. He was so kind and such a gentlemen. He went out of his way to make me feel special. Even the things that aren't as important, he had. Handsome? Yep. Musician? Yep and Yep. The boy plays every instrument. God just was showing off here. ;) His eyes are about as pretty as they come. So, the Lord is faithful, Amen.

The Lord gave me Joey the moment I needed him in my life and not a minute too late. We have both grown in our 6 years of marriage. We have taught each other some things. Important things. Marriage can be one of the most humbling lessons in life.

Joey, to me is the strongest, most giving and loving man I know. He is so wise in his young age. I knew he would be a good dad. But, I had no idea. He's amazing and loves his son, like whoa. He is becoming the father he always wanted. It is such a sweet thing to watch.

He is my best friend, my other half. When I think of home, it's him.

Happy Six years, handsome man.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kitchen Makeover...

I wanted to do a fun post today on some changes we have made over the past three years of us being in our house! I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

The cabinest had lost their spunk and looked an old orange piney color. The appliances were probably as old as the house! And lastly the tile were the old blue 90s style and color. So not cute and soo not our style.

I loove the new feel of my kitchen! It is much more my style. Crisp and clean. I am planning on changing the paint on the walls eventually, but other than that I am happy with the way it looks and feels.

I painted the cabinets which is a task I truly hope to never have to do again on any of our houses. It makes all of the difference in the world, but it is a lot to take on. If you can afford it, pay someone to do it!

 We have replaced all of our appliances over time here and there. Nothing fancy but definitely updates the kitchen.

We replaced the recessed lighting above our sink with a pendant light. Seriously the easiest project I ever did and super affordable. Plus it looks so much better with it!

We replace our faucet fixture as well.

I opened up some of our cabinets and removed the doors to give a hutch feel. I love it.

Finally, we got new tile! We chose the larger tile and set them diagonally to give the illusion of a bigger kitchen and it is amazing how well that works! It seriously feels so much larger and we got rid of the blue yucky tile!

The kitchen may be my favorite room in the house now! :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

5k..say what?

Once there was a girl who was young and unhappy with the way that she looked and felt about herself, so she started to take care of herself. She ate sensibly and fell in love with excercise. Every form of it, even...running...<crickets>... Shocking. Even for her. But? She loved it. All of it. She lost A LOT of weight. I won't share how much..but trust me she has the pictures to prove it! And it ain't pretty.

Ok, so the girl is me, duh.

Fast forward time. Marriage. Still work out, but not as much. The hubs isn't the biggest fan. And we won't even talk about the so called dates we went on to run and he supposedly 'liked it'. It was all an act...for me. So I'll give him that. ;) It worked and I still love him and his unlove for anything active. Although as I sit here and write, I just finished my hardest run yet and he is in here running in place as I speak. I guess me running again has him motivated?

Then a baby happened. They straight up, as my best friend puts it..jack up your body. It's true. If you are one of those women who bounce right back? You are so blessed with good genes! Me? The women in my family have hips, then we have babies and we get more hips! But, one look at my little one and I would do all of it over and over again just to have him here! It's crazy the love God puts for your kids in your heart. Crazy enough that you would consider doing it again to have another one.

So, back to my point. I am running again! Which I have done a few times since having our little bundle of boy over a year ago. But, now it has GOT TO stick. Because, I did the unthinkable and signed myself up for a 5k in September. I knew it would be the only way for me to stay motivated. Because let's be honest once you have a baby, things get interesting to say the least and time gets away from you.

This has been something that I have always dreamed of doing. Quite frankly it scares the tar out of me, but I AM going to do this! I am. Period. No backing out. Plus I already paid the 35 bucks. Ha!

I am doing the couch to 5k program. I am only on week 4 and it's getting challenging! Although I am intimidated at the thought of race day, I am quite excited too! I know that once I finish I will feel so good that I set myself out to do something and finished it!

So, here's to 5ks! And to all of us "once lovers" of running, moving towards the rekindling of that love! ;)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life In Instagram...

It is no seceret, I love Instagram! What easier and better way than to capture the mundane, fun and special moments of our days through pictures. Here is a glimpse into ours lately. :)

1. Westin riding his bike that Grammy got him all by himself!
2. He has learned to give hugs now! He will even pat your back as he gives you one! I mean really, how sweet?!
3.Looking cool at Jamba Juice. He actually kept them on and he kept getting all the looks! ;)
4. One morning he thought it was so funny to spit out his breakfast. This is him after I got on to him for it. Where do they learn these things?
5. Daddy had been gone all week on business and he made it home just before bedtime! Westin was so happy & kept staring and hugging & smiling. We were both happy daddy was back!
6. Our first mommy and me class! He loved it! I was so proud of him. He got up right in the middle where the teacher was & wasn't shy at all!
7. A glimpse into his future kid days. He looks so grown up to me here just chillin'. 
8. This kid looooves to "read". He could sit and look at books or magazines forever. I love this about him. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Westin Lately...

Here is a picture dump of my handsome side kick as of late...

We have gone on LOTS of wagon rides!

Worn cool shades just because! ;)

Went "swimming" for the first time!

and have had plenty of cousin time! :)

I am loving how fun this kid is lately! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Going "Junking"

A couple of weeks ago Westin and I were going on our morning walk. It was garbage day in our neighborhood. Sometimes the stuff in people's trash deserve a second look! This was one of those days. I saw a chair that had some beautiful lines and was full of potential. So naturally, I sped through our walk so I could go back home, jump in my Jeep and snag it before the garbage men did!

A couple of coats of paint and some new fabric and she was as good as new!

It turned out better than I thought it would! Love me some chevron too! ;)
So, are you a trash digger too? ;)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Best Friends...

The following post is merely for me to get my feelings down. I always feel better when I write. :)

My best friend of over twenty years has just moved her and her whole sweet family to New York. I am so thankful and happy for them as their move was related to her husband's job. However, that doesn't make the reality of it any easier. As sappy as it sounds, I feel like a piece of me has moved far away and life will feel so weird without it.

I first "met" Christina when we were in the 2nd grade! She was the "teachers kid" of the class, ha! Her mom worked for the school we went to. She also became my 3rd grade teacher which is funny and awesome! Her mother was probably one of my favorite teachers growing up, she was so fun and so good at it. :)

 Anyways, Christina got a lot of special attention in our 2nd grade class. I remember being jealous of her because when she didn't feel well, she got to sit at the teacher's desk! When I felt bad, I was told to sit back in my seat and stop asking to go to the nurse. Ha! Seriously, not cool. Needless to say, I wasn't so sure I liked that short little red head! ;)

Not sure how, but we became inseparable. She has a gift of drawing people to her and even as a kid it shined. I loved being around her. She was so fun and so more outgoing than I ever was. I was always more of the follow the rules, don't want to get in trouble kind of kid. We were a good mix together. She brought out the goofy side of me where I helped her think twice about things we should or shouldn't be doing.

Weekends growing up? It was always going to be spent together, either at my house or hers. Sleepovers. Scary movies. Tons of junk food. They were good times! Then come Sunday we were always sick of each other and fighting. But the next weekend we wanted to do it all over again.

Boy crazy as kids? Absolutely! Ha! Her probably a little more than me. We were always having a crush on some boy. In high school she got a serious boyfriend who is actually her husband now. High school sweethearts, how cute is that?!  He is an absolute stellar guy. But, at the time I remember thinking how weird it was that she had this serious relationship. I was also probably a little jealous that she technically had a new best friend in him. It's funny how we grow up and mature. Things seem like such a big deal when you're young. :) She has been with him all of these years now and they are so perfect for each other! He brought out a side of her that I had never seen before and it was/is so good.

Looking back I regret a lot of things that I did in my immature days. Not being the best friend that I should have. But, through it all. She and I remained somehow intertwined in each other's lives. We have become a part of each other's family. We have seen each other go through tough times like parents separating, the loss of a parent, the loss of sweet babies, many tears and hugs and just knowing what the other is thinking without the utterance of one word. Then there have been happy times like marriages and babies!(lots of them!) and laughing sessions that leave us running to the bathroom! ;) She is my little red headed sister. Except we don't really fight or agitate each other. At least, we try not too. ;)

Now, there is this new part of life. Living what has become my "normal" for so long. Differently? I would be lying if I said I know exactly what it will feel like without her being a skip hop and a jump away. Because I don't. I've never had to. I know eventually, this all will become my new normal. We still will be talking and sharing all of the useless, random, funny things with each other like we always have. But, I will definitely miss our surprise girl nights out on the town, coffee talks and dates together with our men. Now, I will just have to hop on a plane to do those things. ;)

Still, we grow up. Jobs change. Heck, I don't know where we will be living in five years. But, I do know that this best friend that I have in her, despite the miles and miles we are now, will always exist. How could it not? If you move from your family, do you stop speaking to them? Nope. (not if they are the ones you like!ha!) Do you stop loving them? Nope.

She is the part of my life that has made knowing what it's like to have a close friend who knows me better than anyone else (besides my husband ;) ) so much better. I can't imagine her not in it. She will be forever stuck with me! There isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful for her.

 I know she will not have a hard time making new friends! And I have been blessed to
 have some amazing ladies around me and their friendships I am truly thankful for! She and her family are going to be awesome as Yankees & New york is so blessed to have them!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Letter to all of the New Moms...

I have actually thought about this topic a lot lately. Being a new mom is hard. We need all of the support we can get! I was ecstatic when I saw that the lovely lady over at E, Myself and I had a whole week devoted to this! I seriously could relate like you have no idea to almost each letter. So, today I am going to share a little of what I have learned, which isn't a ton. But if not for others, it can be for me as a reminder for the next time Lord willing we are blessed with going through all of it again. :)

Dear New Mommy or Soon to be Mommy,

Here you are! You are about to embark on a whole new world. Seriously. All of the months of pregnancy prepared you but really left you clueless on what it is truly like to become a mom! You were prepared to change diapers and organize your nursery, pack your diaper bag and pick out that cute "coming home" outfit. Don't worry. I am not about to scare the reality into you! ;)

You have probably already heard countless times how Your life is going to change!It will never be the same!Sleep now, while you can! Yes, bringing that little helpless piece of sweet, grunting baby home is sooo different from what you have ever done. But, those early days really do go by quickly even when they don't feel like it.

Try not to obsess about how much your little one will eat. As long as he/she gains weight you're doing your job! If your baby is lazy and doesn't want to breastfeed without falling asleep, then has a meltdown when he unlatches. Take a breath. It's going to be ok. A bottle will NOT ruin things. If pumping for a year (yes, I did. I should totally receive an award. ) is the only way to ensure that your babe gets breast milk. It's ok. If you need to supplement with formula? Go for it! Remember. As long as he gains weight, you are doing great! Don't let any momma guilt enter in. You are their mommy and you do what is best for the both of you.

The first month is the hardest. But, it is because you have never done this before! Don't be so hard on yourself! Give yourself time. Go grab some Sonic happy hour or walk the isles of Target. Trust me. This will do wonders. Get out of the house. It is for your sanity and so you can be a better mommy! ;)

Also, don't obsess about nap schedules. You will drive yourself crazy. Soon enough they will be napping at regular scheduled times. In the mean time? Hold that sweet boy or girl. Let them nap right there on your chest. Soon? They will be too big to lay there like a ball against you and will want to squirm their way, right out of your arms! Rock them. Snuggle them. They become so independent so fast! Although you get so excited when you see them reach a new milestone, your momma heart aches a little each time too. :)

This is the biggie. Try your darndest to not compare you and your baby to another mom and her baby. Each baby is soo different. Your baby will reach all of the milestones that they need to. They are not behind in anything! Your baby is perfect! Rolling over, sitting, crawling, walking, etc.. they will get there in their own time!

If you like things to be clean and orderly like me? You will soon find that it is near to impossible to keep things perfect. Your living room will look like a showcasing for all of the latest kid toys and contrapments around. They will soon become a part of your decor.

Ladies. The days, weeks, months, then soon the whole year will be gone. It's ok to cry when they turn 11 months. Heck it's ok to cry the whole month. Go ahead. Try not to! You.will.lose. You will remember the sleepless nights, the pitiful crying at all hours of the day, the way they would look up at you in those first days and just stare. The time they gave your their first grin, right when you needed it. The first time they reached over with mouth wide open to give you a kiss. The first time you heard "mommmammma", even if it wasn't directed right at you. All of this you remember. Tears will fall. Soon you will sing Happy Birthday to a baby who is turning into a toddler eating his very first piece of cake and having his first sugar!rush! You will wish that just for a second, they were that little ball of baby tucked under your chin, snuggled against your chest fast asleep.

Congratulations on becoming a mommy! Children are such a blessing. You are the perfect and only mom God chose to be for your baby. Welcome to the tiring, joyful and wild ride!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

12 Months!

For my records and so I can look back when we have our next kiddo to is Westin's 12 months stats and milestones. :)

This month you weighed in at 20lbs 9oz. (25%) Not much difference since last month. I am sure it is all of the moving you do. You NEVER stop kiddo! You take after your daddy and certainly not me in the height department! You were 30" 3/4 (75%).

You are eating great! You love all things most kids don't for right now at least!  You love any veggie. Some of your favorite foods are: black beans, rice, avocadoes, cheerios, goldfish, peas, broccolli and I am sure there are more. You aren't too picky. You had your first taste of the Christian Chicken! (Chick fil A) and I'd say we have a winner! I knew you would like it, who doesn't?! ;)

You also had your first taste of sugar on your birthday. You weren't too interested in your cake. But, when I gave you a taste of some Blue Bell. That was all it took! You were grunting for more! You NEVER beg for food like that. I can't say that I blame you. I love me some Blue Bell too! ;)

You love love love bath time! You jibber jabber the entire time and just grin. You gratuated to a big boy tooth brush a couple months ago and brushing your teeth is one of your favorite things to do! You have 8 teeth. Four on top and four on bottom!

You love to explore. You love to play (bother) the Magster. You think her tail is hillarious. ;) You have recently started to point to things. When you read books or we read them to you, you will point at things. You have pointed out "turtle" in one of your books twice, when we asked you where the turtle was! Coincedence? I think not! ;)

You are so much fun. You have the sweetest grin and personality. You come up to us all of the time and lay your head against us with a smile. It warms my heart. I hope it's because you feel so loved and are just so happy! You are such a great snuggler!

You love "Mr. Monkey". He is your lovey/rattle toy with a blanket. You have attached yourself to him and adore him. I am thinking I need to find a back up just in case something happens to him! Eeek!

We love you Buddy! You are my little side kick and I am so blessed to see you grow up! :)

*All images were brought to you by the lovely and talented Megan Grenn and Beglorious Photography*

Sunday, May 13, 2012

He's One!

So Westin is now officially one! He was partied into his first birthday on Saturday. It was a grand day! ;) I had so much fun planning this party. It was all family so not too big. Although I did go a little over board on decorations. But what can I say. He is ONE! This called for a celebration! The theme was "Little Man" so I had ties and mustaches all around. Of course in the midst of all of the celebrating, I was only able to get pictures of the display table that I made...such is life! Enjoy!

He saw the cake!
And then of course since it's a little man party, we had to pull out the fake mustaches! ;)
It really was a great day and Westin had a great time with all of his cousins! Next year I say that it will be a low key party...we shall see. ;)

A letter to My Boy...

Dear Westin,

You are now a whole year old! The moment I found I was pregnant with you, you have brought nothing but the purest joy. You still do. I love so many things about you. You are the silliest, sweetest and most handsome boy. You are so special. You are the one who made me mama.

 It has been a year of learning for both of us!You my son have taught me so much. I never knew that I could love and adore anything besides your daddy as much as I do you!

You have taught me to always find the joy in things, even in the mundane. ;) You are all smiles from the moment you awake until I walk you to your crib. Daddy laughs that even when you go to bed I could just sit and stare at pictures of you or watch you on the monitor for hours. It's probably true. You have been one of my greatest blessings in life. I thank God that he chose me to be your mommy.

I pray not only for you. But I pray for me, that I might be the exact mother that He wants me to be for you. You deserve the best.

Thank you for a year of happiness, tears, giggles and cries. I will take them all again and again to have you! I love you buddy. :)


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eleven Months!

It has been eleven months since Westin entered our little family. Almost a whole year ago. I am in COMPLETE denial. Seriously. I still feel like he is my squishy little newborn that everyone said was soo tiny. Now he is this tall, vivacious little baby-almost toddler-like sweet boy! I really can't believe it.

This past month felt fast. With a ton of little changes. We started out the month still on jar baby food for every meal. Now? Westin turns his head sometimes at the mere sight of a spoon. We have pretty much entered into all table food. It seems a little easier, yet sometimes it seems harder. Although whatever I put in front of him, he eats so that is good! It makes me a nervous wreck in all seriousness. My kid is like a gerbil. He stuffs all of his food in his mouth and holds it FOREVER, then finally swallows it. I am not a fan of this little thing he does. Scares me to no end sometimes. He likes to play this game where he acts like he is going to drop his food on the floor. I will gasp and give him the mom look, then he will smile real big sometimes giggle and put the food in his mouth, and then we will clap. Stinker. ;)

He had his first little sickness this past month and ran his first high fever. It was so sad. He just laid his head on our shoulders and was so sweet. I have to admit though I loved the cuddles! It ended up just being a little virus and he was back to his normal self in a couple of days.

He talks a lot now. Mostly babble. But now if you tell him to say "mama or dada" he will repeat us. He growls at us when we get on to him for something. It is quite funny! He recognizes many words now. He loves to be outside and swing or go for walks and ride in his trailer on daddy's bike.

He dances ANYTIME he hears music! He will give high fives. This past month he has really become quite social! I looove it. For so long he seemed so shy. Now he gives the chessiest grin which is the cutest face ever! He will wave at anybody and everybody!

He has started walking with his little toy that he can push. Out of no where one day he just went right up to it, stood up and was off! We were both shocked and I may or may not have to started to get teary eyed. ;) Actually this past month there have been many times that I have gotten teary eyed!

Funny story for memories sake: A couple of days ago we were driving home from the store and Westin was extremely quiet, so I figured he must had fallen asleep. When we got home I went to get him out of the car and found him with his hand in the bag of Goldfish that he had grabbed from the diaper bag and was munching away! I had been breaking them up for him and that day I found that he could eat them whole no problem! He had the most guilty look on his face face! We just started laughing and then he started laughing. It was so funny!

Next month will probably be my last monthly update! I am planning a fun little family party for our little guy next month. He is my first and only baby right now and I can't imagine not doing something for him. When really we all know the party is really for the mama so we have plenty of pictures! I am having fun planning it!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was extra special because Westin was here to join us!
We spent the morning praising Jesus and hunting some eggs at our church!

We came home and let Westin open his Easter basket and wouldn't you know the first thing he goes for is the goldfish! Ha!

Then it was time for some Grammy love!

One of the sweetest Easters yet!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten Months!

My boy is 10 months! Westin, I can hardly believe it. Each day you start to look more and more like a little boy to me instead of a baby. I hold each moment when I can rock you or hold you so close to my heart. These days, holding you is something you aren't a fan of. You love to explore and check everything out. Being held all the time, would totally cramp your style. ;)

Your smile makes me smile! I love your new sweet grin! This past month all FOUR top of your teeth have sprouted through. This I think is what makes you look so grown up to me. You have three on the bottom too. Teething for you has seemed to be pretty good. You don't get too fussy or sleepless. You are such a trooper! You eat fairly well. Somedays are better than others. You love your veggies still. You love love love puffs, yogurt melts and anything you can grab and feed yourself. I am thinking stage 3 foods you will pass right on over! You are not a fan of the texture at all. But finger foods you can do! Still, I think you are too busy to actually eat and you could care less! ha!

You probably weigh around 20 pounds still. I do have to make note of how tiny your feet still are. You are still in size 2s! I love your sweet feet. :)

Still a crawling machine! You still cruise on furniture too. You have great balance but no steps yet & that is a o.k. with me! ;)

You are such a smart boy. You babble all of the time. Mostly "bababa", "ahhHHH", "yaayyyayyya"! Haha! You do understand words though. You know bye, hi, bath, splash, dance, kiss, daddy and jump. I can say "where is daddy" and you always find your daddy! So cute! You follow me if I say to come take a bath. You give kisses on demand! ha! You still wave when you feel like it. Your newest thing which I love is that you dance!! This has to be the cutest thing you have done yet to date! ;)

You LOVE your daddy. When you see him you start to whine until he comes to get you. I am not jealous at all. I just say it's because you see me all day! ;)

Westin you are so smart. You notice everthing and are very observant. You love to people watch like your mama! Ha! You love kids too, you are mesmerized by other little people! You are such a funny kid and we have so much fun with you!

You and Daddy reading together. :)

Hard to believe this was you and me exactly a year ago!
Love you handsome little man. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

9 Months!

My dear sweet, handsome loveable Westin, you are 9 months!

You weigh 19 lbs & 9oz. (35%) and you are 29 1/4 " long (75%). You give me a run for my money lately and are seriously all over the place! You are a pro-crawler and are starting to cruise on furniture now. You forget sometimes that you can't walk yet and will take a dive. You are a daring little guy!

You now have 4 teeth. You wear mostly 9-12 month clothing and wear a size 3 diaper.  You are a good little eater now. You love pretty much everything, and are a puff eating machine, ha! You are a great sleeper and I am soo thankful for that!

Lately your personality has been coming out! You are sweet yet strong willed! Your new thing is to scream while you play or crawl or pretty much anywhere you are, you're screaming. You love it.  You make complete strangers laugh at you! It's cute. Until you do it when you don't get your way. (No one told me it started this early?!) You have started throwing some major fits lately! When we shut a door to somewhere you are wanting to go, when we take something away you shouldn't be playing with or when it's time to get out of the bath you get MAD! Lets not even talk about when we need to change your diaper. Oh, mama-not easy.

This month your little eczema has gotten a tad worse. Thanks to the indecisive weather. It's sad. But, it always improves. And you are still cute. ;) You still have nothing but peach fuzz on that sweet little  head of yours! What is there looks like a brown/blonde color. Which I love. And you have the cutest, roundest little head so being bald-ish just adds to your cuteness.

You still wave Hi and Bye. You give us sweet kisses with your mouth open wide! Except now you go straight for Maggie and her nose! It amazes me how you understand words already. You also know the words "jump", "splash." and "bite-bite."

You are pure sunshine for your smitten mama. Even when you are being a toot. I love you. But, just know that the word "no" isn't going anywhere anytime soon! For realz. ;)