Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rare and Special...

Friendship that is. Finding a friend who you can completely let loose and be yourself with is such a blessing. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I have this really crazy, sweet, beautiful mommy of a best friend who I have known since the 2nd grade. We have been through so much together. Memories that I wouldn't trade for anything.

She is my best friend. We can be in the same room, hear something..look at each other and just start cracking up! Nobody of course understanding why exactly we are laughing, I love that! We get together, talk and if there is a bit of silence, (haha, who am I kidding!) it isn't awkward. I don't stress..."what can I say next?" "what question can I ask?" None of that, it just flows! Phew! I am not the most outgoing girl, you know? Thankfully she is! As weird as it seems, I think that is why we have been so close for so long!

We each have grown up, gone through our awkward teenage years, and gotten married.Sure, there have been times when we would get angry with each other, disagreed, refused to talk to each other to prove a point..that we thought was important to make. Looking back..totally silly. Then we would end up crying and hugging each other and apologize for being so stupid or selfish.

 I am so thankful for those tears. Without them, our friendship would have fizzled away to nothing. We would have stayed angry or bitter. Never giving our friendship the opportunity to grow. I can remember when she had her first little girl Ally. I was so happy for her! But, also scared that because I didn't have any babies..our lives would be so different. I was afraid that she would feel, that she no longer had anything in common with me. Then soon our friendship would just slowly fade.

You know what, never once did she make me feel left out of her life. In fact, I have come to love her little girls (all 4 of them!) so much! She is such a good mother! I look up to her in the way that she and her husband have started to raise them. They are still so little and yet they do an amazing job! I love that I am "Aunt Melalee". I know that she will be one of my greatest sources, once we are blessed with some munchkins of our own!

We have both been through hard times. Our own personal losses. Either of us not sure how to comfort the other. But, just being there was more than enough.

I am so thankful that I have been blessed with such a great close friend. One that I have known most of my life. She is the person, that no matter if life ever seems to seperate and we don't live as close as we do now, I will always need to talk to her. I'll need to have and hear laughs. Family vacations would have to be together, ha! (No, don't worry we aren't moving..don't freak out!)

She is my red headed, goofy, loving, gracious, godly best friend. She is Christina. Thank you for putting up with me..and for being there for me, all these years! I love you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rainy Weather & Homemade Goodies...

It's been pretty rainy here lately. When the weather is like this I like to do nothing more than get all cozy,  catch up on laundry, make everything all tidy, light some candles and think of something yummy to make for dinner!

I was feeling some what domestic and adventurous today. I made homemade French bread! Yeppers, I sure did too! It was pretty easy, I don't usually eat white bread but I didn't have any wheat flour and it turned out dern good, if I don't say so myself!

In all of my cooking glory, wooden spoon, lazy eye and all..

Ok, so it may not look too much like French bread, but it sure tasted good!

The recipe made two loaves, I just froze the other one. That would be too many carbs for just the two of us! ;) I also made homemade Lasagna for dinner. Yikes..Oh well I am sure my husband is loving this. Normally it's just chicken and a veggie. I blame it on the weather. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So Its been a while...

I took a little while off from my blogging. I still kept up with all of the other lovely blog ladies that I read. Not that I have many readers, but I truly love to blog. It's a place where I can see my thoughts, because sometimes my thoughts are just jumbled all up in me. Blogging is a great way for me to just release. Take a breath...Ahh, that is better!

 So, to be honest with ahem..myself. These past few months has been a time of growing. Finding who I am. The kind of Woman that God wants me to be. My trust in Him, was tested. I am proud to say that I never once didn't feel the faithfulness of God. Even through all of it, He was so near. Through all of my tears and crying out to God for Him to change me and heal me. He heard every cry. He saw every tear.

To withhold this post from being or sounding sad. All of this to say, that God is so good! Whatever the situation or circumstance that we go through. He is and always will be God. God who comforts, who heals (thank you Jesus!), who loves. God who is greater than anything! God who, nothing even comes close to being impossible for. Remember the old song: "Our God is an Awesome God"- It's true! He is.

So there is my post, that in a nutshell, is where my heart has been hanging out these past few months. It feels good to be back.