Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten Months!

My boy is 10 months! Westin, I can hardly believe it. Each day you start to look more and more like a little boy to me instead of a baby. I hold each moment when I can rock you or hold you so close to my heart. These days, holding you is something you aren't a fan of. You love to explore and check everything out. Being held all the time, would totally cramp your style. ;)

Your smile makes me smile! I love your new sweet grin! This past month all FOUR top of your teeth have sprouted through. This I think is what makes you look so grown up to me. You have three on the bottom too. Teething for you has seemed to be pretty good. You don't get too fussy or sleepless. You are such a trooper! You eat fairly well. Somedays are better than others. You love your veggies still. You love love love puffs, yogurt melts and anything you can grab and feed yourself. I am thinking stage 3 foods you will pass right on over! You are not a fan of the texture at all. But finger foods you can do! Still, I think you are too busy to actually eat and you could care less! ha!

You probably weigh around 20 pounds still. I do have to make note of how tiny your feet still are. You are still in size 2s! I love your sweet feet. :)

Still a crawling machine! You still cruise on furniture too. You have great balance but no steps yet & that is a o.k. with me! ;)

You are such a smart boy. You babble all of the time. Mostly "bababa", "ahhHHH", "yaayyyayyya"! Haha! You do understand words though. You know bye, hi, bath, splash, dance, kiss, daddy and jump. I can say "where is daddy" and you always find your daddy! So cute! You follow me if I say to come take a bath. You give kisses on demand! ha! You still wave when you feel like it. Your newest thing which I love is that you dance!! This has to be the cutest thing you have done yet to date! ;)

You LOVE your daddy. When you see him you start to whine until he comes to get you. I am not jealous at all. I just say it's because you see me all day! ;)

Westin you are so smart. You notice everthing and are very observant. You love to people watch like your mama! Ha! You love kids too, you are mesmerized by other little people! You are such a funny kid and we have so much fun with you!

You and Daddy reading together. :)

Hard to believe this was you and me exactly a year ago!
Love you handsome little man. :)