Monday, January 28, 2013

My baby boy is 20 months?!

It has been a LONG time since I have done one of these. But, I love looking back at all of the early months with what Westin was up to. So here I go, it may be boring since it's just for me. ;)

At almost 21 months Westin is a tall, lively and funny little boy! He has stayed around 24 pounds for several months now. Not sure how tall, but I remember at his 18 month check up, he is always in the 75% or higher for height. He has all of his teeth except his two year molars.

Westin wakes up talking and doesn't stop till we lay him down! I am amazed at how smart he is! He loves books, always has. His favorite thing is to point out everything to us. He will repeat anything we tell him to. He knows what letters are. But every letter is either "O" or "R". ;)

Some words he says: Mommy, daddy, hold me mommy, hold me daddy, girl, boy, kids, Maggie, more, book, cars, truck, puppy, lawn mower, vacuum, sweep, guitar, thank you, i love you, blanket, pillow, chair, eat, moon, stars, clouds, sky, airplane, and literally tons more. He can differientiate if things are big or little. He can name and make the sounds of all his animals like bear, eagle, monkey, kitty, ducky, chicken, cow, horse etc.. If he sees a bug. He says "bug!" and then trys to smash it! Ha!

He knows when one of us leaves he says, "bye!" and then comes running "hugs!!hugs!" It is ridiculously cute. He gives puckered up kisses instead of open mouth little baby kisses. gah. My heart.

He is so funny. He has gotten to where if we want him to do something he will say No, and then go running laughing. It is cute, sometimes. ;)

Some of his favorite things are to just be outside, look at BIG!TRUCKS!, eat any and all fruit, play with his animal apps on my phone, read books, hold his monkeys, digging in dirt,  and trains. He also loves cats! Which I think is so funny. Sorry, kiddo. I will never have another cat. They're cute, but been there and done that.

When he is tired he will cry out for his monkeys, his paci and say "Nigh Nigh". It's awesome. He's a boy who knows what he wants. And I do have to give him props. Westin has always been a lover of the paci. It has never bothered me. If it helps us all get good sleep. I am totally for it! We have also always been very strict on it only being for sleep. So he knows that once he wakes up it stays in his crib. So when he wakes up he will chunk it down and say "paci for nigh nigh!"

I love his personality. I know that every parent thinks their kid is brilliant. And I do. He amazes me daily on how big and grown up he seems. Kids are like sponges. He remembers everything. And is so smart. It is amazing how fast the past 20 months have been. It is hard to imagine that very soon my baby will be two!

Time is so precious, and I choose to treasure it. :)