Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Moon...

This past weekend we went on a very breif but fantastic getaway trip! I was so looking forward to it, we both needed it. We got a fantastic deal on a hotel and just went for it! We had such a good time! We went to Dallas and spent most of our time near Southlake. Which is such a nice area. I could seriously live there! There was also the sweetest little town called Grapevine near there and we spent a lot of time there too.

I got my very first massage over the weekend. Oh my word. In love. That is me. Why have I not done that sooner! By far the best money ever spent! Ha! We also went and visited Gateway church which was fun! But, I am so ready to see my home church family. When you find the right church, you miss everyone so much, just when you miss one little service!

How cute is this caricature?! There was a sweet old lady named Cynthia in an ice cream shop who did them for cheap so we had to get one! She made me pregnant with our little guys name if you look closely. ;) Of course we asked her to put in our litte Magsters, she is our first baby.

Hanging out at the Beach...

We live near a beach. I wouldn't call Galveston the prettiest. But, at least we have one right? A couple of weeks ago we went and spent some time in the sun! No, I didn't get in. The water was fa-reez-ing! We just relaxed, listened and reminisced. Mainly about how we used to skip classes in our college days (*shock-gasp*) to come here and just be together. We were so young and in love! Ha! We realized the next time we go there, we will have an additional sweetie pie to take with us! It's so weird how time flies and things change, but in such a fun new way!

At 31 wks pregnant with our little guy. :)

A very rare occasion of a body shot! Ha!