Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweet Words..

Here is a sweet video of Westin saying "mommy!" You will also see that he shakes his head no when I ask him to do something! ha! Little toot.

Sorry about my high pitched voice too. ;)

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Little Handsome Man...

The hubs and I have always had many nicknames for each other. One of his many that he calls me is hot chick (no, I'm not kidding) since we were dating he has been my handsome man.  So, naturally besides Westin being our little Westinator he is my little handsome man. Creative right?! Ha, yeah I try.
Without further is my little handsome man recently, being his little ham of a self! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

15 months and growing...

Our little baby man recently turned 15 months (almost 16now, oops!) and a lot has changed since his first birthday. For memories sake I wanted to write them down since I am pretty bad about a baby book. But, I WILL do it eventually! ;)

Westin now weighs 22lbs 15oz. He is 31 and a half inches. I am horrible because I never really documented when he started walking. He had been taking steps for a while, but had never really taken off. So, it was kind of gradual. I know it was around 14 months, so I am going with that ha! He is practically running now. He is quick. The cry of indepence has never been so loud. He never wants to be held now especially if we are outside. He wants to be down to explore immediately.

He says a lot of words. And I am seriously amazed at the things he understands just can't communicate. Just yesterday I FINALLY heard the words "Momm-mmy". It was the sweetest sound ever, since this kid is a daddy's boy through and through! He was so proud of himself after he said it and started clapping. Maybe it was becasue I got sooo excited too and may have clapped and jumped. ;)

He is a ham! I am thinking he might be my funny child! When we are in the car, he will lay things on his head, then start laughing out loud! So, we will turn around to look.

OUTSIDE! If you say the word, he runs to the door! Even just when we put his shoes on, he starts saying "bye bye!" The boy love to just be outside. He will walk from thing to thing and has the best time "exploring."

Believe it or not, this kid is ALL boy already. I find myself having to entertain him with more boy friendly things, because goodness knows this boy isn't a shopper and isn't too fond of stores! He lets me know about it and goldfish only last so long! ha!

Some sweet things I want to remember.

When he wakes up from his nap, I will kneel down and stick my head to the bars of his crib and he will remove his paci give me the biggest kiss, then stick his paci back in. Love it.

He will back up to sit in my lap when he is standing.

He runs and screams with a big smile when he gets excited.

He is fascinated at books and will sit in your lap and point jibber jabber the whole time.

When I do excercises in the living room, he will try so hard to jump! It's too cute!

When I ask him to do something, sometimes he will shake his head no.

He will look and point to me and say "Mommy."

 He is seriously the Joy in my heart everyday. A hard day and one look or thought about him and I am immediately reminded how blessed I am. So thankful for this boy. :)

Soon I will update pics!

Cousin Love...

A little random post today. My sister ALWAYS gets the best pictures with Westin. I could sit with him for hours asking him to smile for a picture. When she's around he will say "Cheese!!"
That boy.
I love him.
He has the best smile I have ever seen. :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sometimes life just happens...

God never promised that we would live life without twist and turns. No hard times. Everything being perfect every single day. All through out the Bible we are given a glimpse into the lives of many who had wonderful times and they thanked God for all of their blessings and provisions. And those very same people had times where they cried and begged to God for him to move and rescue them.

God rescues each of us, always. Sometimes in a way different from what our own minds think He should. But none the less, He always comes.

I know that God sees us through the hard times. I have already had to live it many times. Life happens. Unexpected things happen. Hard, heart breaking times happen. We have no clue why. That is probably the hardest thing to grasp. And grasp, we don't. We can't possibly know why God sees us through these difficult times. But, the thing that He does do is see us through them.

My husband's one and only brother, lies in a hospital bed fighting for life. Each breath he takes is given to him by a machine. Meanwhile, a family sits and waits. To see if life will continue? Or if God has other plans. It's a hard place to be.

Memories come rushing in and I am brought back almost 7 years ago. Visions of my dad in a hospital. I don't want to go back there. But, there I am. Times like this suck. Events in life like this just plain suck. There are really no words. Even having gone through this before. I can painfully empathize. But, I still feel so helpless.

Despite what his brother may or may not have done in his past that has led to this scene and time in life. He is a son of the Most High God. And His Father loves him. I see a boy when I look at him. A boy I sadly never have had the chance to really "know". A boy who grew into a very lost man and it is heartbreaking.

But, God can change us in a moment. A swift, quick moment. And all of the things we held on to for so long. Are no longer us. They are our past. God's word says He remembers them not. I am so thankful for this today.

Whatever may come of these trying times. The Father was not surprised. He knows and is aware of everything. We put our hope in God. Who is Sovereign and omnipotent. Who is loving and gracious.

Wherever life has you right now. Whether good or hard. Joyful or tear filled. Our God is greater. Our God always rescues us. He always saves us. Have faith, friends. Faith that God will pull you through, because He will. A new day will come. It is right there, with all of your heart, grab it! Have hope in the One who loves and adores you.