Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life In Instagram...

It is no seceret, I love Instagram! What easier and better way than to capture the mundane, fun and special moments of our days through pictures. Here is a glimpse into ours lately. :)

1. Westin riding his bike that Grammy got him all by himself!
2. He has learned to give hugs now! He will even pat your back as he gives you one! I mean really, how sweet?!
3.Looking cool at Jamba Juice. He actually kept them on and he kept getting all the looks! ;)
4. One morning he thought it was so funny to spit out his breakfast. This is him after I got on to him for it. Where do they learn these things?
5. Daddy had been gone all week on business and he made it home just before bedtime! Westin was so happy & kept staring and hugging & smiling. We were both happy daddy was back!
6. Our first mommy and me class! He loved it! I was so proud of him. He got up right in the middle where the teacher was & wasn't shy at all!
7. A glimpse into his future kid days. He looks so grown up to me here just chillin'. 
8. This kid looooves to "read". He could sit and look at books or magazines forever. I love this about him. :)

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