Friday, June 8, 2012

Best Friends...

The following post is merely for me to get my feelings down. I always feel better when I write. :)

My best friend of over twenty years has just moved her and her whole sweet family to New York. I am so thankful and happy for them as their move was related to her husband's job. However, that doesn't make the reality of it any easier. As sappy as it sounds, I feel like a piece of me has moved far away and life will feel so weird without it.

I first "met" Christina when we were in the 2nd grade! She was the "teachers kid" of the class, ha! Her mom worked for the school we went to. She also became my 3rd grade teacher which is funny and awesome! Her mother was probably one of my favorite teachers growing up, she was so fun and so good at it. :)

 Anyways, Christina got a lot of special attention in our 2nd grade class. I remember being jealous of her because when she didn't feel well, she got to sit at the teacher's desk! When I felt bad, I was told to sit back in my seat and stop asking to go to the nurse. Ha! Seriously, not cool. Needless to say, I wasn't so sure I liked that short little red head! ;)

Not sure how, but we became inseparable. She has a gift of drawing people to her and even as a kid it shined. I loved being around her. She was so fun and so more outgoing than I ever was. I was always more of the follow the rules, don't want to get in trouble kind of kid. We were a good mix together. She brought out the goofy side of me where I helped her think twice about things we should or shouldn't be doing.

Weekends growing up? It was always going to be spent together, either at my house or hers. Sleepovers. Scary movies. Tons of junk food. They were good times! Then come Sunday we were always sick of each other and fighting. But the next weekend we wanted to do it all over again.

Boy crazy as kids? Absolutely! Ha! Her probably a little more than me. We were always having a crush on some boy. In high school she got a serious boyfriend who is actually her husband now. High school sweethearts, how cute is that?!  He is an absolute stellar guy. But, at the time I remember thinking how weird it was that she had this serious relationship. I was also probably a little jealous that she technically had a new best friend in him. It's funny how we grow up and mature. Things seem like such a big deal when you're young. :) She has been with him all of these years now and they are so perfect for each other! He brought out a side of her that I had never seen before and it was/is so good.

Looking back I regret a lot of things that I did in my immature days. Not being the best friend that I should have. But, through it all. She and I remained somehow intertwined in each other's lives. We have become a part of each other's family. We have seen each other go through tough times like parents separating, the loss of a parent, the loss of sweet babies, many tears and hugs and just knowing what the other is thinking without the utterance of one word. Then there have been happy times like marriages and babies!(lots of them!) and laughing sessions that leave us running to the bathroom! ;) She is my little red headed sister. Except we don't really fight or agitate each other. At least, we try not too. ;)

Now, there is this new part of life. Living what has become my "normal" for so long. Differently? I would be lying if I said I know exactly what it will feel like without her being a skip hop and a jump away. Because I don't. I've never had to. I know eventually, this all will become my new normal. We still will be talking and sharing all of the useless, random, funny things with each other like we always have. But, I will definitely miss our surprise girl nights out on the town, coffee talks and dates together with our men. Now, I will just have to hop on a plane to do those things. ;)

Still, we grow up. Jobs change. Heck, I don't know where we will be living in five years. But, I do know that this best friend that I have in her, despite the miles and miles we are now, will always exist. How could it not? If you move from your family, do you stop speaking to them? Nope. (not if they are the ones you like!ha!) Do you stop loving them? Nope.

She is the part of my life that has made knowing what it's like to have a close friend who knows me better than anyone else (besides my husband ;) ) so much better. I can't imagine her not in it. She will be forever stuck with me! There isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful for her.

 I know she will not have a hard time making new friends! And I have been blessed to
 have some amazing ladies around me and their friendships I am truly thankful for! She and her family are going to be awesome as Yankees & New york is so blessed to have them!

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Christina said...

it is beyond hard to be away from you. I'm not sure what I think about it still. But you are right, I know the only thing that will change is our location. Not our talks or anything else.
You are the sister I never had. I'm so blessed to have you in my life.
Love you always MJ...