Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Letter to all of the New Moms...

I have actually thought about this topic a lot lately. Being a new mom is hard. We need all of the support we can get! I was ecstatic when I saw that the lovely lady over at E, Myself and I had a whole week devoted to this! I seriously could relate like you have no idea to almost each letter. So, today I am going to share a little of what I have learned, which isn't a ton. But if not for others, it can be for me as a reminder for the next time Lord willing we are blessed with going through all of it again. :)

Dear New Mommy or Soon to be Mommy,

Here you are! You are about to embark on a whole new world. Seriously. All of the months of pregnancy prepared you but really left you clueless on what it is truly like to become a mom! You were prepared to change diapers and organize your nursery, pack your diaper bag and pick out that cute "coming home" outfit. Don't worry. I am not about to scare the reality into you! ;)

You have probably already heard countless times how Your life is going to change!It will never be the same!Sleep now, while you can! Yes, bringing that little helpless piece of sweet, grunting baby home is sooo different from what you have ever done. But, those early days really do go by quickly even when they don't feel like it.

Try not to obsess about how much your little one will eat. As long as he/she gains weight you're doing your job! If your baby is lazy and doesn't want to breastfeed without falling asleep, then has a meltdown when he unlatches. Take a breath. It's going to be ok. A bottle will NOT ruin things. If pumping for a year (yes, I did. I should totally receive an award. ) is the only way to ensure that your babe gets breast milk. It's ok. If you need to supplement with formula? Go for it! Remember. As long as he gains weight, you are doing great! Don't let any momma guilt enter in. You are their mommy and you do what is best for the both of you.

The first month is the hardest. But, it is because you have never done this before! Don't be so hard on yourself! Give yourself time. Go grab some Sonic happy hour or walk the isles of Target. Trust me. This will do wonders. Get out of the house. It is for your sanity and so you can be a better mommy! ;)

Also, don't obsess about nap schedules. You will drive yourself crazy. Soon enough they will be napping at regular scheduled times. In the mean time? Hold that sweet boy or girl. Let them nap right there on your chest. Soon? They will be too big to lay there like a ball against you and will want to squirm their way, right out of your arms! Rock them. Snuggle them. They become so independent so fast! Although you get so excited when you see them reach a new milestone, your momma heart aches a little each time too. :)

This is the biggie. Try your darndest to not compare you and your baby to another mom and her baby. Each baby is soo different. Your baby will reach all of the milestones that they need to. They are not behind in anything! Your baby is perfect! Rolling over, sitting, crawling, walking, etc.. they will get there in their own time!

If you like things to be clean and orderly like me? You will soon find that it is near to impossible to keep things perfect. Your living room will look like a showcasing for all of the latest kid toys and contrapments around. They will soon become a part of your decor.

Ladies. The days, weeks, months, then soon the whole year will be gone. It's ok to cry when they turn 11 months. Heck it's ok to cry the whole month. Go ahead. Try not to! You.will.lose. You will remember the sleepless nights, the pitiful crying at all hours of the day, the way they would look up at you in those first days and just stare. The time they gave your their first grin, right when you needed it. The first time they reached over with mouth wide open to give you a kiss. The first time you heard "mommmammma", even if it wasn't directed right at you. All of this you remember. Tears will fall. Soon you will sing Happy Birthday to a baby who is turning into a toddler eating his very first piece of cake and having his first sugar!rush! You will wish that just for a second, they were that little ball of baby tucked under your chin, snuggled against your chest fast asleep.

Congratulations on becoming a mommy! Children are such a blessing. You are the perfect and only mom God chose to be for your baby. Welcome to the tiring, joyful and wild ride!



Ashley said...

this is great! I still struggle with comparing my little guy to others. I think that it will be that way for a long time, but so is the life of a mommy! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jena said...

Mommy guilt is a killer!!

Great Advice :)

E said...

Made me cry thinking of Sam turning one... It really does go so fast. Thanks girl!

bowman party of 6 said...

Great post! so many wise things and great advice. what you have learned with one, takes some several children to learn. it will save lots of heartache. so wise...thanks for sharing! :)