Tuesday, May 15, 2012

12 Months!

For my records and so I can look back when we have our next kiddo to compare..here is Westin's 12 months stats and milestones. :)

This month you weighed in at 20lbs 9oz. (25%) Not much difference since last month. I am sure it is all of the moving you do. You NEVER stop kiddo! You take after your daddy and certainly not me in the height department! You were 30" 3/4 (75%).

You are eating great! You love all things most kids don't for right now at least!  You love any veggie. Some of your favorite foods are: black beans, rice, avocadoes, cheerios, goldfish, peas, broccolli and I am sure there are more. You aren't too picky. You had your first taste of the Christian Chicken! (Chick fil A) and I'd say we have a winner! I knew you would like it, who doesn't?! ;)

You also had your first taste of sugar on your birthday. You weren't too interested in your cake. But, when I gave you a taste of some Blue Bell. That was all it took! You were grunting for more! You NEVER beg for food like that. I can't say that I blame you. I love me some Blue Bell too! ;)

You love love love bath time! You jibber jabber the entire time and just grin. You gratuated to a big boy tooth brush a couple months ago and brushing your teeth is one of your favorite things to do! You have 8 teeth. Four on top and four on bottom!

You love to explore. You love to play (bother) the Magster. You think her tail is hillarious. ;) You have recently started to point to things. When you read books or we read them to you, you will point at things. You have pointed out "turtle" in one of your books twice, when we asked you where the turtle was! Coincedence? I think not! ;)

You are so much fun. You have the sweetest grin and personality. You come up to us all of the time and lay your head against us with a smile. It warms my heart. I hope it's because you feel so loved and are just so happy! You are such a great snuggler!

You love "Mr. Monkey". He is your lovey/rattle toy with a blanket. You have attached yourself to him and adore him. I am thinking I need to find a back up just in case something happens to him! Eeek!

We love you Buddy! You are my little side kick and I am so blessed to see you grow up! :)

*All images were brought to you by the lovely and talented Megan Grenn and Beglorious Photography*

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