Sunday, July 1, 2012

5k..say what?

Once there was a girl who was young and unhappy with the way that she looked and felt about herself, so she started to take care of herself. She ate sensibly and fell in love with excercise. Every form of it, even...running...<crickets>... Shocking. Even for her. But? She loved it. All of it. She lost A LOT of weight. I won't share how much..but trust me she has the pictures to prove it! And it ain't pretty.

Ok, so the girl is me, duh.

Fast forward time. Marriage. Still work out, but not as much. The hubs isn't the biggest fan. And we won't even talk about the so called dates we went on to run and he supposedly 'liked it'. It was all an act...for me. So I'll give him that. ;) It worked and I still love him and his unlove for anything active. Although as I sit here and write, I just finished my hardest run yet and he is in here running in place as I speak. I guess me running again has him motivated?

Then a baby happened. They straight up, as my best friend puts it..jack up your body. It's true. If you are one of those women who bounce right back? You are so blessed with good genes! Me? The women in my family have hips, then we have babies and we get more hips! But, one look at my little one and I would do all of it over and over again just to have him here! It's crazy the love God puts for your kids in your heart. Crazy enough that you would consider doing it again to have another one.

So, back to my point. I am running again! Which I have done a few times since having our little bundle of boy over a year ago. But, now it has GOT TO stick. Because, I did the unthinkable and signed myself up for a 5k in September. I knew it would be the only way for me to stay motivated. Because let's be honest once you have a baby, things get interesting to say the least and time gets away from you.

This has been something that I have always dreamed of doing. Quite frankly it scares the tar out of me, but I AM going to do this! I am. Period. No backing out. Plus I already paid the 35 bucks. Ha!

I am doing the couch to 5k program. I am only on week 4 and it's getting challenging! Although I am intimidated at the thought of race day, I am quite excited too! I know that once I finish I will feel so good that I set myself out to do something and finished it!

So, here's to 5ks! And to all of us "once lovers" of running, moving towards the rekindling of that love! ;)


Megan said...

Good for you - you'll be so proud at the end!

Christina said...

first of all: eeeeek!!

Second of all you are going to ROCK that 5k! I know you can do it. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for!

So excited!!
Love you :)

bowman party of 6 said...

i am so excited about this 5k! so glad you told me about it and feel very scared as well! i better start training!....:P