Monday, July 16, 2012

Six years and counting...

There is a sappy love post coming at you, so feel free to move on without reading it, ha! ;)

As a young girl I prayed for a man to come into my life who had everything on my "list". You know the obvious..had a relationship with Jesus, sweet, kind, funny and spontaneous, cute and HANDSOME, good hair, but not better than mine, eyes that you could get lost in, a musician, someone who could sing and share my passion for music, someone who smelled good, who always looked clean and put together, and had clean finger nails...there is more but I will spare you. Silly? Maybe. Truly how I felt and wanted? Absolutely. Now, with age you realize that your "list" soon seems to shorten and not all of those things seem as crucial. My sister used to tease me and say that the Lord would have to ascend some guy from heaven because I was so picky! Ha!

The Lord cares about even our silly but picky things we look for in our future husbands. My husband is proof!

We just celebrated six years of being married! We met each other when I was 18, him 21. But the Lord knew that the time wasn't right for either of us. We both had some growing in Him to do. Time went on. Then on my 21st surprise birthday party when I found him standing there at my family's house, I knew this guy was different. He was everything I had prayed for. He loved the Lord and actually had a relationship with Him, not just say that he did. He was so kind and such a gentlemen. He went out of his way to make me feel special. Even the things that aren't as important, he had. Handsome? Yep. Musician? Yep and Yep. The boy plays every instrument. God just was showing off here. ;) His eyes are about as pretty as they come. So, the Lord is faithful, Amen.

The Lord gave me Joey the moment I needed him in my life and not a minute too late. We have both grown in our 6 years of marriage. We have taught each other some things. Important things. Marriage can be one of the most humbling lessons in life.

Joey, to me is the strongest, most giving and loving man I know. He is so wise in his young age. I knew he would be a good dad. But, I had no idea. He's amazing and loves his son, like whoa. He is becoming the father he always wanted. It is such a sweet thing to watch.

He is my best friend, my other half. When I think of home, it's him.

Happy Six years, handsome man.


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so sweet! happy 6 years!..such a sweet and cute little family!! :)