Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Showing Love...

Having a child completely changes the course of life and what we know to be our normal. To be honest, I can barely remember what my old normal used to be, ha! Seriously, what did we ever do before we had a kid and a funny one at that, to entertain us?

With children, our thoughts are completely wrapped around them. I find myself entirely consumed with all of the motherly duties of his survival. Food. Clothes. Etc.

But the other day, I took this picture:
Sweet right? He is hugging his little stuffed doggie. So cute.

You see, when mommy plays with him? I am a girl so the making car noises only lasts so long and before I know it, I am grabbing some sort of stuffed animal and pretending to rock it or love it. I am a girl. This is how we play! Ha!

He is only displaying what he has seen me do.

Having Westin has made me have this hunger to just be a better person. Gah. He makes me want to better myself so bad. Maybe because I see the parts of me that I don't like. The parts where I am not perfect and am sometimes ashamed of.

 My husband and I both knew before we had kids that Jesus was going to be spoken of and lifted high. But, now? Even still, almost a year and a half later, we want even more, every part of our home and our lives to pour of His love. We want to set a tangible atmosphere and example for our boy and in our home. Especially now since he is turning into this little boy! (Whaa!)

These little blue eyes. They watch me. Every move I make.

His little ears they listen. To every word I say.  Whether or not he can say it, I know he understands more than I think he does.

His little feet, follow me. Sometimes mimicking the very move I make.

His little voice says the things I encourage him to say.

I want so bad for him to look back and see Jesus in his mommy. I want him to see me love others so he knows this is what we are supposed to do. That's why we are here. I want him to be the kid that goes to the shy or lonely one and reaches out a hand because his heart tells him to.

My heart so desires for him to be a boy and then a man who whole heartedly loves his Jesus madly. I pray each day for this. But, first I pray that I can be the kind of example he needs to encourage him till he finds himself at the feet of Jesus.  

It is my responsiblity as his mommy to show and display it for him. And God will do the rest.

Jesus help me show your love and how you love to my little boy and all the children I might be blessed with. Amen.




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Megan said...

<3 love this and so true too!