Sunday, September 23, 2012

My First 5k!

This past Saturday, I participated in my first 5k! I have been training for about 2 1/2 months and the day had finally come!

Now first let me just say, I was so nervous. Like did not sleep at all the night before, every time I thought about it, felt sick to my stomach nervous. I have no clue why.

My husband was a champ and got himself and the littlest up early to come cheer me on! I am so glad they were there, seeing them there on the side lines made me feel so proud! I love my little family!

I had the pleasure of running along side my good friend Robyn as well as her husband. He smoked us though! He was way ahead of us, with a hurt knee and all! But, having her there helped to make the whole process so much more fun!

My official time was 37:47 which isn't the best, but I finished it!

I am so glad that I set a goal for myself to do this. These things can be invigorating! I am glad it's over, but I am looking forward to another one, hopefully before the end of the year! :)

Robyn and me with my weird pose! ha! I know I am not bow legged!
Sadly, this is the only picture that we have of me right after I finished. As I ran by, my husband didn't realized that the lens was on the camera! So, no action shot but really I am A.OK. with that! ha!
Me and my boy right after! I loved seeing him there, he has been a motivation for me to just better myself and be healthier!
Westin made friends with the girl Chick-fil-A cow. He kept giving her high fives. He's no fool, he knew if he was cute enough he could get some free stuff! ;)
And another one of me and my little buddy. We were indulging for the first time with a celebratory stop for donuts! What? You don't end runs with donuts and kolaches? Around here, that is how we do it! ;)


Megan said...

Good job and great pics!

bowman party of 6 said...

Yeah! so much fun! ok, when's the next one?...:)

Christina said...

I so need to check your blog more!
I love the pics and I laughed about what you said about action pics lol!
Love it and love you! So proud!!
Miss you...