Saturday, February 18, 2012

9 Months!

My dear sweet, handsome loveable Westin, you are 9 months!

You weigh 19 lbs & 9oz. (35%) and you are 29 1/4 " long (75%). You give me a run for my money lately and are seriously all over the place! You are a pro-crawler and are starting to cruise on furniture now. You forget sometimes that you can't walk yet and will take a dive. You are a daring little guy!

You now have 4 teeth. You wear mostly 9-12 month clothing and wear a size 3 diaper.  You are a good little eater now. You love pretty much everything, and are a puff eating machine, ha! You are a great sleeper and I am soo thankful for that!

Lately your personality has been coming out! You are sweet yet strong willed! Your new thing is to scream while you play or crawl or pretty much anywhere you are, you're screaming. You love it.  You make complete strangers laugh at you! It's cute. Until you do it when you don't get your way. (No one told me it started this early?!) You have started throwing some major fits lately! When we shut a door to somewhere you are wanting to go, when we take something away you shouldn't be playing with or when it's time to get out of the bath you get MAD! Lets not even talk about when we need to change your diaper. Oh, mama-not easy.

This month your little eczema has gotten a tad worse. Thanks to the indecisive weather. It's sad. But, it always improves. And you are still cute. ;) You still have nothing but peach fuzz on that sweet little  head of yours! What is there looks like a brown/blonde color. Which I love. And you have the cutest, roundest little head so being bald-ish just adds to your cuteness.

You still wave Hi and Bye. You give us sweet kisses with your mouth open wide! Except now you go straight for Maggie and her nose! It amazes me how you understand words already. You also know the words "jump", "splash." and "bite-bite."

You are pure sunshine for your smitten mama. Even when you are being a toot. I love you. But, just know that the word "no" isn't going anywhere anytime soon! For realz. ;)

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Christina said...

I can not get over how big he is getting!
I love him.