Monday, January 4, 2010

Party Time!

Vacation is over...boohoo! I have been so spoiled to having Joey with me all day for a whole week! It was so nice, we did lots of shopping, movie watching and eating probably not the best food for us! So seriously, vacation is over! Now on to eating more healthy! The pants are a gettin' tight, yikes!

On Saturday one of my sweet adorable nieces had her third birthday party. I cannot believe she is three! My best friend of like a billion years, who I have known since the 2nd grade came with her adorable three girls (baby number 4 is on the way!!).

The birthday girl is the one in the pink. She had the cutest little shirt that said Birthday girl on it! She is such a sweetheart! Those kids were so darn cute! The house was full of screaming little girls and booty dancing?

This picture cracks me up! Too funny! Not sure what their mommas are teaching them! Haha!

My sister and I. (She's expecting her 3rd baby in June!)

Ok, so I was around a whole bunch of pregnant girls this weekend! They both don't know what they are having yet. Soon though. I hope they both are having boys!! So exciting!

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Christina said...

1st of all LOVE the new header!
2nd of all I blame that silly snowman for teaching the Brianna and Ally booty dancing:)