Monday, January 11, 2010

Just another Manic Monday...

I am having kind of a weird day today. I woke up completely disheveled and emotional. I could seriously cry at the tip of a hat! I spilt my coffee! Whaaa! My jeans feel tight! Whaaa! That one crazy hair is sticking straight up! Whaaa!  I will be turning 26 in fifteen days and I will officially be on the down slope to 30! WHAAAAA! In fact I might just let myself, I know that I will feel better. Ha! I am an advocate of crying, sometimes us girls need that release! Can I hear an amen?! It's just been one of those days!

On a much brighter and happier note! Enough about me, my sweet and beautiful best friend Christina just found out today that she is having baby girl number 4! Yowza! Four girls! I just love it, they will be so close and their house will NEVER have a dull moment! I am so happy for them! Four weddings to look forward to in the future! Ha!

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Christina said...

I can SO relate. We are girls, sometimes we need a good cry :)
I think that's why they invented country music and the movie, P.S. I love you.
By the way now you and Joey have work to do, we need some boys;)