Friday, January 15, 2010

Losing it for good!

I am joining in this weeks Show Us Your Life, excercise/weight loss tips! I tend to be a little passionate in this area, not because I am an expert, far from it. Mainly because I have spent my entire life battling with it and the last five years maintaining it! Around five years ago I was about sixty pounds heavier! I still don't like to think about it! I was such an insecure girl who was told that I had such a pretty face....ugh! If you have battled with your weight, this is like the number one compliment that people tend to give that you tend to despise hearing!

Anyways with much prayer and more prayer...I changed my diet by actually eating more healthy choices, instead of gorging on horrible foods. Four years ago I married my hottie of a husband, and sadly put on about ten pounds from eating lots of Mexican which I love! So, I have managed to take those off can I say slooooowwwwly! Whew! Being married and having a skinny winny husband who can eat whatever, can make things so difficult! Now I am currently on a mission to lose at least 10 more pounds. I want to be in the best shape that I can get before we decide to start trying for children. It's hard. But that is my goal!

Here are some of the things that I did, that helped me originally lose the weight. Hopefully they can help, inspire and motivate! I am loving reading everyones else's ideas and tips too! =)

* stopped eating white starchy foods-stuck to whole grain only
* limited carb consumption
* tried to eat at least a piece of fruit with every meal
* gave up all things with sugar in them (unless natural sugars like fruits)
* ate only God made things and tried to stay away from processed foods whenever possible
* fell in love with anything and everything Organic!
* tried to drink at least 64oz of water everyday (so hard for me!)
* made myself eat breakfast, which is still hard for me, but I make myself
* excercised on a treadmill for at least 30 min everyday. I mainly walked at a really fast pace,   walking works!
* only ate when I was hungry and watched portion sizes
* prayed really hard for God to give me strength, dedication and will power to treat my body as a temple for Him to use!

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A Wedding Story said...

It is so hard! I have gained a mega amount of weight since we got married (him too) because we started eating lots of good food! We are trying to lose but it's so hard!