Monday, December 13, 2010

Almost half way there...

to 20 weeks pregnant that is! I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow! Can I hear a Wa-hoo?! It has gone by sort of fast. I have heard once you make it to twenty, time flies, so we will see. Although I have taken belly pictures for my own memory sake, I will spare the good ole' blog from those. ;) Not sure if I want my belly on the web.

I think I am actually starting to show some baby roundness. Finally! Instead of looking like I enjoyed Thanksgiving a little too much. ha!

We have exactly 10 days until we find out what the little one is! I cannot wait! Many are saying girl. I have not a clue as to what we are having. I once had a dream that it was a boy, so I am kind of leaning towards that. But, totally really don't know. I am just looking forward to getting some new pics of the little one, and making sure its growing and healthy!

Funny thing...At our last doctors appt, we got to listen to the babes heart beat and the baby was moving and kicking up a storm, which made me start laughing. I was just so happy to hear it and all. It was kind of embarrassing, because there I was laying on the bed with my pants pulled down, belly to the laughing. Lets just say.. with a new big belly and laughing, it felt awkward! Ha! Then I thought, "Oh, man is this how it is going to be every time??!! I hear the heart beat or see it on the screen and then start laughing out of pure giddiness? Funny sight for sure!

I am super excited to see him or her next week! Then I can FINALLY start thinking about nursery colors. I was considering doing neutrals and a very calm, serene room, but I would love to do some color so we will have to wait and see! Baby C needs to cooperate for their momma! Or not. I won't be mad. ;)

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michelle ellis said...

We are just a few days apart!! I feel the same way each time I see the baby, hear the heartbeat, or feel him, I had no idea it would make me so happy either :) So excited for you to find out what your little one is! Hope you have been feeling great!