Monday, November 22, 2010

I am Thankful for...

the internet, for without, I would seriously need to find new entertainment.heh, we all would..sad but, oh so very true.
friends who make me laugh.
my husband playing his piano when he is trying to unwind. I get the benefits of
Salted Caramel Hot chocolates from Starbucks..mmm. warm goodness in a cup.
Quiznos and their tuna sandwiches. Seriously so good. I can only have them once a week. boo.
my Maggie for being so excited everytime she sees me.
my sister. I love her company.
our christmas tree being makes our house feel so cozy. love christmas!
that Thanksgiving is this weekend and that means punkin' pie! just realized a lot of these are food. so sad.
for the way that God is faithful in all things.
last but not least...for hearing our baby's heartbeat today. little bean was kicking up a storm. totally cute.favorite part of my day by far.

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