Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two Months!

Westin is two months now! Where has the time gone?! It's weird, it feels like he has been with us forever. Yet, at the same time it is hard to believe he is already two whole months. We love you little guy. I stare at you sometimes and still can't get over that you are mine. That I get to keep you! You are by far the best gift I have been blessed with!

Some stats at your two month appointment:

Weight: 11 lbs 8 oz
Height: 23 5/8 "
Head Circ: 15 1/8 "

You are such a sweet and happy baby. You are full of smiles from the moment you wake up! You used to make us work so hard for one, but now you give them freely. :) When you get REALLY excited you kick your feet so fast and get this look on your face, like you are going to start blowing bubbles. It is THE cutest face ever! You have really found your voice this month and gurgle and coo at us when we play with you. You LOVE bath time! You get the most serious face and raise your eyebrows the entire time, with a half smirk. It makes daddy and I laugh! You hate getting out of the bath. Being cold makes you really mad and you tell me how much you despise it, with the way you fuss at me! You love being naked! (As long as it's not right after your bath!) Getting your diaper changed is a highlight to your day! ha! You just lay there and get so excited and talk to me the ENTIRE time!

You got your first set of shots. It was so sad. Mommy hated to see you cry. So, she cried too. We both sat there and cried together! If you were older, I probably would have went and got you ice cream afterwards.

You are still an extremely lazy eater. It takes you a while sometimes to finish a feeding. But, you are getting better. You are at about 4 1/2 oz per feeding. But, even this is sometimes too much for you. You eat every 3-4 hours. You get one formula feeding a day. The rest is the liquid gold-breastmilk! Mommy tries very hard to keep up with you! ;)

You love your binky. You still sleep a lot. Your last feeding is typically around 10pm and you are out the moment your head hits your bed. You get up between 3-4 for your mid night feeding and then lately you have been sleeping til 7:30! Which mommy loves! ;)

You are such a joy! We never knew the kind of love we could experience until you joined us! We love you Little Man!

His serious "bath face" that we get the ENTIRE time! ha!
 It may not look like it, but he LOVES his bath!
He likes tummy time!
The doctor said he is doing great with his neck muscles!
I seriously can't get enough of this little boy! :)


Christina said...

He's too cute!
And sleeping like a champ!

I love the pics!
Keep them coming :)

Megan said...

Love the bath time face :) Such a good sleeper too!