Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Month!

I want so badly to be a good scrapbooker. I am just not though. But, because I don't want to forget all of the important milestones and sweet things our little guy does. I am going to keep track on the good ole blog. I will try to keep it up, becasue it truly is an extremely easy way to document these memories! So here goes his first!

Weight: 9lbs 7oz

Since, I am writing this a month later. I will try to remember. So, lets just start from the beginning! The first month was a hard one! Mainly because we have never done this before! Mommy had a hard time breastfeeding you because you are one LAZY eater! So, mama pumps and gives you all that she has! Bottles turned out to be a great thing for you, that way mama could see how much you are eating. As a first time mommy, this was the MOST stressful thing. Especially since you are such a lazy eater, I would have had to walk around with you permenantly attached to me if not, becuause you acted like you were never full! You are a very easy going baby. We still breastfeed a little. Use bottles. You will do it all like a champ!

In the beginning you had a fussy time that would start sometimes around 9pm and last until midnight some nights. We never knew when it would hit! To protect you from germies, mommy kept you inside all day! This was pretty hard for mommy.Since, she is used to being on the go! But, you are worth it. You did go on DAILY trips to sonic for happy hour though! That was mommy's only outing for a really long time! :)

This first month has been the hardest. But the greatest! I can't believe how great of a blessing you have been to us!

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