Monday, January 24, 2011

Time flies...

when you're having a baby! Seriously, time has just gone by so fast with the holidays and such. I have sat down to update many times, left completely blank. Not sure where to start. Then I would get side tracked, see someone elses post and loose myself in their world. Sad, but true!

So here is what has been happening in our house hold as of lately...

We celebrated Christmas of course! We got the best Christmas present this year and found out, our little blessing is a BOY!! I had a feeling it was. The hubs was so excited! Everything looked great and I must say he is the cutest little boy already if you ask me!

The little guy has been moving and kicking up a storm! He is usually really active during or while I am eating or snacking on anything. My favorite is at night. Every night I lie in bed and I can feel him repositioning himself, and see him go crazy! The hubby can see my tummy jump and jive too, which is sweet. He however, is still stunned every time he sees it, ha! He has gotten better though and realizes it's his son and not an alien.

We have been busy getting things done around our house lately. I LOVE updating things around the house. Painting. Decorating. Getting new light fixtures. You name, I love it! We recently redid our guest bath, to make it a tad more kid friendly and definitely more bright and airy! The hubs put up Wainscoting, which looks soo good! I textured and repainted the walls. We put in a new fixtures too! It might be my favorite room in the house now, ha! As soon as I get some more minor details done, I will get some pictures up. :)

We also have been working on the little guys room. I am in love with his room, and we haven't even done that much to it yet. It is seriously the most peaceful room in our house! We got his furniture in before Christmas. His crib and dresser/changing table. I got at Lowes a couple of weeks ago. They had rugs on sale and I got a big area rug in chocolate brown for 10 bucks!! I knew I wanted an area rug for his room and was so excited when I stumbled upon this one!

We also bought a book shelf for his room at Ikea. We went ahead and purchased his bedding because it was killing me. It's virtuously impossible to decorate for me without one of the most important pieces. So, we got it and I love it! His room is going to be preppy with a modern twist. I am not really into themes, like animals so we found something we both agreed on. I am even trying my hand at making some art for his walls. We shall see how it turns out! His room looks so boyish already and I love it! Pictures will follow once it is complete. :)

I am entering in my 25th week tomorrow! We had an appointment today and my doc, who I love, said to come back in two weeks for my glucose test and we will start seeing her every two weeks from now on. Say what?! Already!

I also...will be turning 27 this month! I seriously feel like I should still be in my early twenties. Can't believe I am on the downward slope now to thirty. Well, technically I already have been. Anywho...yeah. 27. Feels strange.Weird. But, I am ok with it. :)

So that is what has been happening around these parts. Just being thankful for this sweet season of life. Taking it all in. Remembering and giving praise to the one who is responsible for all of these blessings. :)

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