Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A letter to him...

Dear Sweet Boy,

I woke up with one of the greatest and sweetest blessings, the morning I discovered you were already inside of me. I will never forget that feeling. I will never forget the look on your daddy's face, as I walked out of the bedroom and told him. He was overjoyed! I couldn't believe that it was actually happening. I had imagined and thought about us having a baby and always got excited. Now? It was here! God had already began to create you inside of me! I was amazed, yet, scared that I would be a good mommy to you or not. Could I love you in the way that you deserved to be loved? Could I guide you and teach you in a way that would help you to grow and mature? Oh, how I pray that I can.

I loved you at the mere thought of you but, fell head over heals in love with you, in the moment I first saw you. Shaped like a little bean on the ultrasound screen, there you were. I could already imagine your little face and hands in my mind, and I loved them. I kept looking in awe at you. Then I saw your heart beating! There it was, beating so fast! Life was in you. You in me. Amazing.

One of my favorite things so far is how close we are. One day, I will share you with many. But for now, you are mine. I love this. I get to feel you. Daddy does too. :) But, I know when you're awake. Which is usually when I am sleeping! Or at least trying to sleep. I think I have even felt you have the hiccups a couple of times! You're always with me. I love it! Before you were with me, you were with God. You still are. He is forming your in most detail. He knows you so much better than me. He always will. He has already placed so many great things in you. The most important, His love for you. One day soon you will even feel it! This is one of the most special things about you. I can't wait for that day! What a great, sweet day that will be. I already feel as though God has some great things he wants you to do for Him! When I pray for you, I see glimpses sometimes of the way God might use you and it excites me so!

In just a few short months, I get to see your sweet face! I get to hold your tiny hands, kiss your sweet cheeks and smell your sweet baby smell. I am so looking forward to that moment when you look at me for your first time! We get to see each other, finally! But, don't be in too much of a hurry! You still have some growing to do mister! ;)

You are our first baby. You are special. Please always know that from the moment we knew about you and from the moment that we get to meet you, you have been loved. You are loved. You were wanted. You put a new happiness within your mommy and daddy, that we didn't know existed. Our sweet boy, we love you.

Your Momma

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Danielle said...

Tissues please!!!:)Such a sweet post,and so true!! I think you were able to put into words how most mommy's feel, and you did it beautifully!:)