Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sock Hoppin'

This past weekend a good friend of ours celebrated a birthday. Instead of a traditional party she had a costume party. I love this idea! What a great excuse to have a ton of fun and dress up! You could pick any era, and because I love the whole "sock hop" days, it was easy for me to get excited! So I don't forget what we both looked like..pictures.

I don't think I could have put anymore makeup on! ;)

The hubs was such a good sport..as well as the most handsome Greaser! This picture makes me look like I am missing an arm.

I had to throw in a pic of Maggie. Love those ears!


A Wedding Story said...

Too cute! What a great outfit for a sock hop!

Christina said...

You both looked great! It was so much fun to dress up!
By the way I like that you put the clock over the fire place for something different. Nice.