Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why do I love Spring?

I am so ready for Spring! As I get older, I notice that I am becoming more aware of the seasons, becoming more appreciative of them. Most people around here can't wait for the cold weather. I on the other hand, love and adore Spring! A time when new life is evident, when all of the ugly trees start budding again, grass is actually green, and the weather is perfect to take a picnic on. Yes, I do love Spring! Here are some other reasons why I love Spring time...

I want to start wearing more dresses..I love this one from Mod Cloth..Super Cute!

Some say I have an obsession with bags/purses...Look at it though???
I wants to have it...from Anthropologie..

Spring, you can come super fast, if you'd like!


Christina said...

Super cute dress and purse!
I think it's about time you get a new purse too ;) We can both start hinting to Joey :)

Jenn Marie said...

I was just looking at that purse the other day. I got a different one from the same store. :)