Monday, August 17, 2009

Marvelous Mondays

So, my husband Joey refers to Mondays as Marvelous! I always am like, "yeah, it's Monday!" I guess he is a little more chipper than I am, at least when it comes to Mondays! The weekend went great! The auction was more entertaining than anything! I don't know if anyone has ever gone to one, but wow! I couldn't even understand the auctioneer until we were about to leave. The had some really great pieces and every time I thought about bidding I chickened out! I would hear "twenty, twenty-five" then before I could raise my little number that I was using as a fan every five minutes, he would already be saying "give me fifty, do I hear fifty, fifty, fifty!" Ha ha, I just knew the moment I waved my hand, I would be agreeing to buying something for two hundred dollars!

My husband and I love our home church and are pretty involved. I help sing on the worship team along with my husband being one of the musicians. I also help lead children's worship and this Sunday was my turn! It went great! I love seeing kids getting pumped and excited all while worshiping God! I love seeing kids receiving the chance to be introduced to Jesus at such a young age. I grew up in a little Baptist church, but there were like two kids my age, so needless to say, there weren't camps and really successful Sunday schools or anything. Still, I am so thankful for my mom for taking me to church every Sunday, even if my sister and I would end up having laughing fests the entire time!

So far today I have been somewhat productive! I took Joey to an eye appointment. Now I am about to go meet a friend for lunch, then come home and catch up on some laundry! I need to enjoy the free time while I can! School starts next week so work will begin again! Ahh, the world of Substituting! Have a Marvelous Monday!

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