Friday, August 28, 2009

Being Good Isn't Good Enough

Do you remember that lovable little family show that used to come on television called "Full House?" I can pretty much guess that most of you have! I can remember loving it as a little girl and having to watch it! Well, I am not sure how I stumbled across this earlier, but I did!

Candace Cameron Bure who used to play DJ on Full House, is now a lot like her brother Kirk Cameron and leading a Christ centered life! How cool is this! It is very rare that we hear about celebrities giving their lives to Christ, I just love it!

If you go to her website, which is, she has a great clip of her testimony. She brings up some great points about Salvation and how "Being good isn't good enough." We are so easy to say that because we are "good" people and we do what we think is right then we are given the keys to heaven and we are cool with God. This is not the case despite, how good it seems. God will one day judge us on His standards and His law according to the Ten Commandments. Not what we think is good and just compared to the world's standards. Wow! It definitely makes me want to evaluate the way I live my own life. Just because I am a nice person, and do nice things for people (we should do these things) doesn't mean that I will be living for eternity with God. Yowza!

The Good news: We have a great Instructional book (the Bible) and the Holy Spirit to help guide our every step! More importantly we have Jesus, the one who sacrificed His life so that we could live for Eternity with the father.

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Shayla said...

I did not even realize they were siblings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirk has been so awesome about publisizing his faith (in an honorable way) and I still believe Fireproof is a MUST SEE movie for anyone who is or plans on being married!!!!