Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pun'kin Patch!

Before we had the little Mr. JC and I would totally go to festivals, tree farms at Christmas, and little farms to pick fresh fruit, etc. We would always say we couldn't wait to have little ones to bring with us one day and do family things like this! So thankful that this year we totally have a cutie pie to take with us. Granted he will remember none of it, I was so excited to get pictures of him! I took a lot, here is just a few! :)

I think his eyes, minus the eyebrows look like my dad in this pic!

His face in this one cracks me up!

We had a really good time. No it wasn't chilly at all. Boo. Come on cold weather, please come and visit us!

I love my serious little toot. I should totally do a post of the "many faces of Westin!" ha!

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