Thursday, February 4, 2010

Loving Life's Simple Pleasures.....

There are so many things in life that sometimes get merely overlooked or forgotten. When I think of life's simple pleasures, these things come to mind...

Sweet notes from my husband

Spending hours reading and sipping coffee at Barnes & Noble

The smell of clean clothes

Long talks with my husband over dinner

Coming home and having Maggie greet me with excitement

A clean house

Walking into a HomeGoods-sheer joy! Ha!

Clean hair & the way you feel after you get a new hair cut!

Laughing so hard that you can't breath

Worship practice, yes I love it! One day I will look back on these times and smile!

Sitting under the sun during the summertime

There is litterally so many more, the more I think about it! I am thankful for the small things in life and for  life's sweet moments that I don't want to take for granted!

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