Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am so sure..

Have you ever been so sure of something? Like you know without a doubt that what you were doing or were about to do or you were plan on doing, was exactly what you are supposed to be doing? Like nothing can ruin or take away from your sureness. This moment, this very feeling, instant-is exactly where you are destined to be. This was a part of the plan. All along, this is where you were meant to end up.

I feel like I have just had a comlete revelation. A breath of fresh, clean, crisp air has pushed its way right to me. I am thankful for this feeling. It doesn't happen too often. Five years ago, I was a young girl searching for what I knew was mine. I just didn't know where to find or to go looking. What was I looking for you ask? What was I on a search for?

The place that God wanted me to find Him in, that's where. The place that He knew He created me to find. The place where all worries, doubts, fears and dreams were placed in His hands. The place where I would meet some of the most dear and precious people to me. People who may not even know the impact that they have made in my life. A place where I feel I experienced the fullness of loving, accepting and worshipping Christ. This place I hold so dear. My home church Hosanna.

This church is a safe haven. A place of joy and love. A place where each week I look forward to going and seeing familiar faces of the people that I have grown to love. My family. I can't express enough how thankful I am for having a church that I can call my "Home." People who know and love you, despite your flaws, or missed glances in the halls, because your mind is somewhere else, and they don't judge you. People who are there for you no matter what. Who will show up for you in a moments notice, even if they don't even know you very well. Because they love. They Love. With the Love that God has given them, they give it freely back.

Now I know that finding a home church that you can call a "home" sometimes doesn't come easy. Sometimes it takes a few visits, but you will know the one you are meant to be at. God will show you where He wants you to be and He will bring peace. If you still haven't found it, keep searching. That is what God wants you to do. He wants you to be in His church. We were meant to gather together and love each other, encourage, lift up and worship together in His place, His kingdom, His church. Thank you God, for sending me Hosanna. Thank you Hosanna for being the place where His love is found.

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