Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Biggest Loser Finale

I have watched Biggest Loser since they came out with the show forever ago. I think they said something like 8 years! Wow, it doesn't seem that long! Anywho, last night was the finale, which I ALWAYS get super excited about! All of the contestants looked awesome and it goes to show that hard work pays off!

Last night Danny C. won! I so wanted him to. The new healthy Danny looks just like my dad did in his younger years...eerily alike! That probably had something to do with why I wanted him to win! As they weighed him and the confetti fell over him, I was screaming, balling and hitting Joey (I tend to hit whoever or whatever is around me when I get excited! He he) I was just so excited!! I am so happy for him and he looked great!!

On a completely other note. I am excited for the weekend! I get to help lead in worship with some other really great women at Unified. This is just one of the many great women's ministries that we have at our church. I am so honored to be a part of it! I am also so thankful for the Godly women in my life and most of them are a part of my church family which is awesome!

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Jeff Olson said...

Hi Melanie. Nice to 'meet' you. ha. I love finding new blogs to read. I loved the Biggest Loser too... and even made Jeff watch the finale. From back reading, I wish we lived closer so Jeff and I could have gone to the Joyce Meyer conference with you guys!