Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love, Me

Time has come and gone since you left us four years ago. I miss you. I miss your goofy laugh and big smile. The way you would cry when you were proud of me. Things have changed, memories have been created. All these things you missed. Seeing me get married, new jobs. The day we put an offer on our first house. I had this weird moment where I thought "I need to call my dad!" I smiled and thought, he would be excited for us. There are still times when I think of you and forget that you're no longer here. It hurts. It is sad. No one truly understands until they loose someone close to them what this feels like. You would have been 52 years old this Friday. We would have had a cake for you and all of the family would have got together! You would have cried reading your cards, and we would have giggled because you always said a real man cries! You would have laughed that goofy laugh. I am afraid that one day I will forget what it sounds like. I always thought when you first left how lucky you were to be with Jesus first! To be with the Father, safe in His arms, full of happiness and surrounded by an eternal love! Look down on your Birthday and know you have a daughter who misses you and loves you, still.



Danielle said...

This was very touching! You had me boohooing, Thanks a lot, LOL!:)

Rose Rodriguez said...

Oh, how is wish I had more than one tiny memory of my daddy. Still, I'm very thankful that we'll be together with Jesus for all eternity!