Thursday, January 12, 2012

8 Months!

Westin is 8 months! I can't believe this time last year I was getting excited about my showers. I feel like that was just a few months ago-weird!

This kid NEVER stops moving. I seriously feel like I should be much thinner with how much I never to get sit down! ha! He is crawling all over the place and getting into everything he shouldn't. ;) This past month he has now started to lift himself up on things and has now learned to stand! He is growing and changing so fast right before my eyes! Very soon I can see him walking and I am not too sure if I am ready or not! Ahhh! Then he will seem so toddler-like!

His 3rd tooth is emerging from the top. He has been working at it for a couple of weeks now and it is still in hiding! But, finally this morning I can kind of see it!

We have entered the stage of him falling, tumbling and bumping his little head on things because of how daring he is. The child is fearless! I think it hurts me worse when he does get hurt. :( He is ALL boy and I know I will have to get over it!

He is finally becoming quite a good little eater! So, thankful for that! He is still loving his veggies and he is getting better at his fruit.

Some cute things Westin has been doing lately:

When it is bath time I will tell him to follow me, and his cute little self will come crawling right behind me. I love it!

When we say "say bye" or "hi" he will totally wave! At first I thought it was a fluke but he totally does it after we say it! Yes, he is pure genious! ;)

When I say kiss? He will open his mouth real big and lean forward. My heart is melting just thinking about it! Gah, love this kid!

We had to lower his crib to the lowest position because he stands up now. Which seriously makes it hard for us short people, (ie: me!) to put our babies in their cribs! Sheesh!

He has to have both of his lovies..(bear with blanket attatched) in order to fall asleep. I seriously think this is so sweet. :)

He loooovees his paci. Like seriously loves it. Oy. I may be in for it later.

He reaches out when he wants to be held. Also when he is crawling and wants you to pick him up he will throw his arm up towards you. So sweet!

Now for a pictures on my sweet new camera! Yay! ;)

He is getting so big! 

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bowman party of 6 said...

Westin! omg, he is super-genius! get ready for lots of bumps and bruises during these next few stages. i bet he is walking by 9 months! i love that he loves his paci! jude loves his paci still and he is 3 months from 2. yikes! piper likes her thumb..even more yikes! he is super cute! the first year just flies by!...:(