Wednesday, December 14, 2011

7 Months!

Westin my love you are 7 months (two wks ago)! You are the sunshine in our days! You make each day so fun and are the sweetest natured baby. You give the best hugs when we pick you up and squeeze our necks so tight! It melts my heart!

You are a full on crawler now. You get into everything and we have to watch you very closely now. You love cords, shoes and pretty much everything you shouldn't play with! ha!

You are still putting everything into your mouth. Even if it disgusts me like Mags ball..ew. I know it will only get worse! You love Maggie moo and chase..more like speed crawl right to her!

You are finally getting more into food. This past month has been a learning process for you. Honestly I think you could care less what and if you eat! But, you are finally getting better and are at least smacking your cute lips when I put you into your chair when it's time to eat. You LOVE veggies and are not a big fan of fruit which is totally crazy! Your favorites are Peas, sweet potatoes, squash and green beans. We have tried pears, mangos, bananas, apples. You do love prunes which is hillarious! I wouldn't mind if you kept this up with your veggies. How awesome would that be?!

You are still sleeping great and are a pretty good napper as well. So thankful for that! You don't have another check up until 9 months so daddy weighed you and you are 17 lbs! You haven't gained but a couple of ounces since your last apt. I am betting that you moving around CONSTANTLY has something to do with that. ;) I wish that is all I had to do! ;)

We are still so in love with you. Your daddy and I are crazy about you! We are so excited that this Christmas you are with us and are looking forward to making so many memories with you my love. :)

 Those cheeks are so kissable!

I have a feeling this is the face I will get when he's a teenager, ha!

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Christina said...

He is so stinking cute!!
I totally agree, very kissable cheeks!