Sunday, August 14, 2011

Three Months!

Westin you are three months old! My has time seriously flown by! You are the sweetest boy and each day my love for you grows even more!

This month you have started sleeping so good! Up until this week you were still getting up once to eat around 3-4am. But, this week you surprised mommy and slept til 8:30-5:45am! I was shocked and so excited! The next night you did it again and slept till 5am! Last night, you got up around 4 again. So, you are still trying to work it out. But, progress has been made and I couldn't be happier! You still sleep in the co-sleeper next to our bed. We have bath time every night around 8. I lotion you up, put you in your PJs, feed you and you are in bed usually by 9. I can lay you down wide awake and you usually never make a peep. You know it is bed time! I have started putting you in your crib during naps and you really are doing great! I give all credit to the sound machine we have. I must mention that after we give you your early morning feeding, you go back to sleep. I have to wake you up every morning! I swear you would just keep sleeping if I let you!

You love tummy time still. You can be tempermental sometimes about your play mat. I think you have a love hate relationship with it. :) You love your bouncy chair. I am not sure what we would do with out that thing! By far my favorite must have mommy item. You sit in it everyday so mommy can get a shower, fix her hair and get dressed. Thankfully you love to listen to the hairdryer. However when I put on my make up, you always start fussing! Typical man.. ;) I guess I am taking too long to get ready!

You started to sit in your Bumbo chair. You only last about 5 minutes or so, then you are done. You love to be faced out when we hold you, so you can look at everything. You are still fascinated at Maggie. You always just stare when she comes near you. I am not a fan of the doggie kisses all over baby thing, so mommy usually doesn't let her get too close. I know eventually I will have to get over it though, because you will be chasing her. Sigh. Maggie really loves you though!

You have gotten much better about eating. You don't take forever to eat anymore, which is great! You are still at about 4.5 ounces per feeding every 3-4 hrs. I have tried to offer you more and you are not interested. You will roll the bottle on your toungue and act like you have never used one before! That is how we know you are full. Your new thing is you have started to squeal when it is time to burp in the middle of feedings. You get so mad at us! You just want to keep eating!

You look SO much like your daddy. :)

You sitting up in your Bumbo! You look so big already. :(

You were also dedicated this month back to the Lord!

Westin we absolutely adore you being in our lives and can't imagine you not in it! We love you little man!

Your Mama

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michelle ellis said...

What a cutie! I love the updates!